Monday to Friday Morning Zazen - Virtual Practice

We host a 30-minute zazen session every weekday morning (Monday-Friday online). You will find the link below.

We ask you to settle in starting at 6:40, and not later than 6:45.  The bonsho (large gong) begins at 6:40 a sequence calling us to settle. The final strike of the bonsho at 6:45 is echoed by three slow strikes of the large kesu bell, then three strikes on a smaller bell, indicating the formal start of zazen. 

The zazen concludes with a single strike on the small bell, followed by chanting the O-kesa Gatha, the Robing Chant. Each of three measured strikes of the large kesu  signals the start of a seated bow, which is ended by a damped strike on the same bell. Those bows (which would be prostrations in the zendo) are followed by a strike on the smaller kesu, indicating the start of a seated bow; that bow ends with the second strike of the small kesu. A final seated bow with hands clasped at the chest concludes the session.